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Bútsög KGS 305 M
Vörunúmer: ME619305000
Verđ: 89.995 kr.-

Fullkomin í pallasmíðina


Mesta skurðarbr. 90/45° 305/205mm
Mesta skurðard. 90/45°    105/67mm
1600 W
Þyngd 19,6 kg.


  • Compact light weight, suitable also for one-handed transport
  • Enormous cutting performance due to extremely powerful universal motor and large saw blade
  • Sliding function for wide work pieces.
  • Easy transport thanks to ergonomically-designed handles and saw head lock
  • Robust die-cast aluminium design for highest demands
  • Effective dust extraction via integrated dust scoop.
  • Starting current limitation prevents the actuation of the lock on start-up
  • Fast and precise setting of common angles using stop points
  • Laser for exact display of the cutting line (mains powered, no batteries required)
  • Infinitely extendable table width extension, removable to put long panels, slabs etc. underneath
  • Bright LED work light for illumination of the cutting line (mains powered, no batteries required)
  • High sliding rear fence profiles for safe sawing
  • Material clamp for secure fixing of the work piece from the top or front
  • Depth stop for easy creation of grooves
  • Saw head can be inclined to the left, with additional angle range for undercuts
  • All scales and operating elements are visible from the working position and can be operated intuitively
  • Easy saw blade change by means of spindle lock: No dismantling of the pendulum protective cover required




850 x 515 x 615 mm

Maximum cutting width 90°/45°

305 mm/205 mm

Maximum cutting depth at 90°/45°

105 mm/67 mm

Maximum cross-section of the workpiece


Straight cut 90°/90°

305 x 105 mm

Double mitre 45°/45°

205 x 67 mm

Turntable setting left/right

47 °/47 °

Saw blade tilt left/right

47 °/2 °

Saw blade

Ø 305 x 30 mm

Rated input power


Rated input power S1 100%

1.600 W

Rated input power S6 20%

2.000 W

Idle revolution

3.700 /min

Revolutions at rated load

2.600 /min

Max. cutting speed

60 m/min


19,6 kg

Cable length

2 m



  • Carbide saw blade (56 teeth)
  • 2 Table length extensions
  • Length guide
  • Material clamp
  • Tool for saw blade change
  • Cable winder
  • Chip collection bags