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Hjólsög KS55 - 1200W
Vörunúmer: ME600955000
Verđ: 24.852 kr.-


5 Nm

 Rated input power

1.200 W

 Output power

670 W

 Maximum cutting depth at 90°

55 mm

 Maximum cutting depth at 45°

39 mm



 Saw blade Ø x drilling

Ø 160 x 20 mm

 Idle revolution

5.600 /min

 Revolutions at rated load

4.400 /min

 Cutting speed at rated load

47 m/s

 Weight (without power cable)

4 kg


  • Robust circular saw, can be used directly on Metabo guide rails and rails of other manufacturers
  • Light guide plate made from die cast aluminium
  • Grip area with non-slip softgrip surface
  • Clearly visible cutting indicator for sawing after initial cut
  • 0° position re-adjustable for highest cutting precision
  • Extraction possibility by means of connecting an all-purpose vacuum cleaner
  • Adjustment of machine without tools for using on the precision guide rail 6.31213

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