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Hnođbyssa NP 18 LTX BL 5.0 SOLO
Vörunúmer: ME619002890
Verđ: 72.995 kr.-

Kolalaus Draghnoðsbyssa fyrir 2,4-5mm hnoð


Afl: 18 V

Hnoðar: 2,4 - 5 mm

Álhnoð: 6 mm

Togstyrkur: 10000 N

Þyngd m. rafhlöðu: 2,2 Kg



619002890 NP 18 LTX BL 5.0
18 Volt cordless blind rivet gun

  • Cordless rivet gun for extremely fast riveting, comparable to compressed air devices
  • 100% compatible with all Metabo 18 Volt battery packs
  • Long service life thanks to brushless motor and robust precision gearbox
  • With holding nozzles for one-hand operation - inserted rivet holds in any position
  • Transparent collecting container for simple emptying of the remaining rivet mandrels
  • Quick change of nozzle for different rivet diameters, via integrated tool
  • Safety in the workplace thanks to robust knuckle guards
  • LED light for optimum illumination when riveting; can be switched off for reflective surfaces
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable working also in corners
  • Robust eyelet for energy-saving work with balancer / spring tension
  • Handy belt hook, can be fixed either on the right or left side
  • Battery packs with capacity display for checking the charge status
  • Ultra-M technology for highest performance, gentle efficient charging, optimum energy utilisation and long service life


Technical values 

Battery voltage: 18 V
Rivet Ø all materials: 2.4 - 5 mm
Max. rivet Ø in aluminium: 6 mm
Placement force: 10000 N
Stroke: 25 mm
Weight (including battery pack): 2.2 kg