Juðari SRE 4350 **


Excellent sanding finish without scoring marks and grooves, for a professional surface finish
Oscillating system with double-row angular ball bearing for extremely smooth running and minimum vibration
Robust clamping system for sanding paper with or without hook and loop fastener, as well as sanding medium up to 10 mm in thickness
Ball bearing with multiple sealings and tear-proof rubber sleeve protects the machine against aggressive dust
Side handle with vibration damping for a comfortable grip in any work position
TurboBoost: allows additional power reserves to be employed for maximum removal
Vario (V)-Electronics for working at customised orbital frequencies to suit various application materials
Sanding plate with additional lateral extraction channels for cleaner working
Dust cartridge with filter for working without connecting to a vacuum cleaner
Extraction possibility by means of connecting an all-purpose vacuum cleaner


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